World History

Course Outline:

(Semester 1, Early Civilizations, Ancient Empires, Regional Civilizations, Renaissance/Reformation, The Global Age in Europe, Africa and Asia 1415-1796, Europe and the Americas 1492-1750, Absolutism 1550-1800, Enlightenment and Revolution, Industrial Revolution

Semester 2, Nationalism in Europe, Growth of Western Democracies 1815-1914, New Imperialism, New Global Patterns 1800-1914) World War I, Nationalism and Revolution Around the World 1910-1939, Totalitarianism thru 1939, WWII and its Aftermath, The Cold War, New Nations Emerge 1945-Present ) Goals & Objectives: The Goal of the course is to familiarize each student with a general knowledge of how today’s nations emerged, the origins of many of our global traditions and institutions as well as the growth and evolution of democracy.

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Basic knowledge of international societies


Course Syllabus

Course Title: World History Textbook (World History; The Modern Era,) Publisher: Prentice Hall, ISBN: 0-13-129975-1

Supplementary Texts: (Learner .Org, The Enduring Vision etc.)

Teaching Methodologies: A wide variety of teaching methods will be employed with a heavy emphasis on written expression. Formative Assessments will outnumber Summative Assessments. Students will be evaluated and assessed using a number of different modalities in an effort to address the various learning styles presented by the students.

Course Expectations: Be respectful of others and I will see to it that they are likewise respectful to you. Come to class ready to learn each day. Do your work. I do not assign things I will not grade. Therefore, do your best on every assignment. Engage me and the material. Passivity will get you nowhere. The best classes are those were everyone is full participating each and every time. Be prompt. Tardiness is a sign of selfishness and immaturity. I will not disappoint you; I promise ☺

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The course will start June 16, 2012

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I took this class and passed with an A+

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