Music Theory And Creative Songwriting

This is a class to introduce beginners or novices to piano or guitar, the fundamental etiquette of playing an instrument, the basic music theory behind the instruments, and revealing the application of theory into songwriting through song analysis and actual songwriting projects.

Introduction to Scale Theory with Applications

What is a musical scale? What is a "mode"? How many scales are there and what are they like?

This course presents some notions from pitch class set theory that are useful in thinking about these questions. From the standard ideas in the first session it develops themes related to scale classification that are the subject of current research. As well as presenting theoretical ideas "in the abstract", the course makes practical connections with the real-life musical activities of learning and making music with scales.

The course takes the form of three illustrated video lectures. A thread for questions and discussion pertaining to each lecture will be created in /r/guitarlessons. Additional printed material can be found in the author's books, all of which are available free online.

Introduction to Jazz Theory

The purpose of this class is to acquaint the participants with the basics of jazz theory. By the end of this class, the participants will acquire the basic skills to (1) interpret jazz chord symbols, (2) construct jazz chords, and (3) identify jazz scales appropriate to the changes.

Two caveats: (I) It is important to note that the understanding of jazz theory does not necessarily entail the playing of it (though it certainly helps). Jazz must be learned through the practicing and listening, and no amount of theory can replace that.

(II) Remember that this is an introduction to jazz theory. The intention is to gain a basic understanding of this rich musical tradition. Due to the diversity of backgrounds, I will try to avoid technicality as much as possible, but without deviating too much from conventional theories. In other words, if you have background in conventional theories, the materials should cohere well with you know. On the other hand, if you are new to conventional music theory, what you learn here will prepare you for further study.

I do leave open the possibility of teaching an advanced class later on.

Music 200: The Art of Singing

The Art of Singing is a course designed for anyone interested in learning how to sing. During this twelve week session, we will discuss fundamental vocal technique, song interpretation, and an introduction to music theory. At the end of the twelve week session, students will participate in a vocal recital as a final project for the course.

Beginner Music Theory and Aural Skills (Music Theory 1301)

This course will give you the information needed to be competent as a musician and listener. We will go over the basic concepts of Music Theory as well as introduce Aural Skills or Ear Training to train you ear to pick up on certain aspects of music.

Intro to mixing audio

This course will show you how to set up a mix session to get the best results possible when mixing audio.

You will learn how to set groups, color coding, how to set up aux sends, fade in and outs, editing, how to get a rough mix and much more.

Music Theory (class)

Each week, I will post a lecture on the topic, and a work sheet reviewing this weeks key concepts. Often times I will also proved a practice sheet, to allow you to work on the concepts at home. Sadly I just don’t have the time to “grade assignments” but I will answer questions if you send them to me. Don't be upset if it takes me a couple days to get back to you, it doesn't mean I don't love you, it just means I'm probably buried under a digital stack of emails, or I'm behind on a work deadline. Sadly I only have a limited amount of time at my disposal and creating video lectures take a lot of time as I have discovered, so I apologies if the film footage is a bit relaxed. I will try hard to make the videos informative and enjoyable.

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