Hindi 101

In this course, students will be learning basic concepts of following of Hindi Grammar:

1) Nouns 2) Pronouns 3) Adjectives 4) Adverbs 5) Tenses 5) Singular Vs Plural 6) Feminine Vs Masculine

And many more fun concepts ..

Beginning Latin

Beginning Latin - assuming no prior knowledge, we will start with the alphabet and basic parts of speech, and work our way to Cicero.

See our special subreddit here:

Introduction to Ancient Greek

An introduction to the basics of Ancient Greek in lesson format, to include grammar and some rudimentary readings. Completion of the course will allow most anyone to peruse most Ancient Greek literature with reasonable skill.

French 101 - Beginner's French

This will be an introductory course in French lasting six weeks. Classes will begin September 25th. This will be regularly updated as I add more information such as email, etc. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to message me on here. This will not be like other language courses. I've tried numerous method of learning languages and through trial and error I've realized that most courses are inadequate, useless, and boring. This class will be for anyone who needs help in beginner French. Focus will be on what is practical, not what is in a textbook because frankly, I could purposely screw up and write a better textbook than 95% of what is out there now. For more info on the course lessons, please read below.

Spanish 101- Basics and Converstion

Hola! Ever land on the famed telenovela and wonder what it is they're talking about? Or what about the time that ESPN didn't have that fútbol match you wanted to see? Maybe you went to a local Latin restaurant and wanted to sound cool ordering in Spanish!?

Well now you can! With this 12 week course we'll cover Spanish in a simple and easy way. It'll be fun and silly and most of all it will be a great way to learn one of the fastest growing needed languages in the world!!!

Classes will start 8/04/13

Introduction to Japanese Language and Culture, Summer '13

This course is intended to provide the student with an introduction to the Japanese Language. This will include the basics of the language plus an overview of various online resources and recommended study habits.

I will also discuss Japanese culture within the framework of the language to enhance the students’ learning experience.

Beginner Japanese [in Minecraft]

I am currently undertaking a PhD in education, and my research is centred around how virtual worlds may be appropriated for language learning. What I am offering is the opportunity to learn and study in a 3D environment with other students. The environment will be Minecraft! I plan to live stream lessons on and then upload them to YouTube for reference.

Reasons for choosing Minecraft:

  1. It allows for experiential learning. Instead of just talking about the language, you will have the opportunity to practice the language in an authentic way.
  2. The virtual environment is a persistent environment meaning that you can log in at anytime and practice. I recommend spending time on there outside of lessons.
  3. Minecraft is perfect for this as we can create lessons and activities easily. It's a fun game too! :)

The course will be approximately 15 weeks long and we will cover the majority of the Genki I textbook in that time.

Things to do before classes

YouTube playlist of ALL lessons

Zulu With Dingani

Zulu With Dingani is a beginner's Zulu course combining video lectures and word games. New material and updates will be added over time. If you have any questions/comments/suggestions, feel free to email us at or post here.

Argentine Spanish 101

With roughly 50 million speakers across Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay, River Plate Spanish is perhaps one of the largest Spanish dialect groups and, certainly, one of the most distinct. It's a language shaped by immigration: massive Italian immigration (60% of Argentines are of Italian descent) has given the language and populace a unique Italian feel.

The culture and architecture of Buenos Aires and Montevideo is strongly European, leading many to refer to Buenos Aires as the "Paris of South America". This should come as no surprise: Up to 97% of the Argentina population is of European descent, setting it apart from other countries in Latin America.

This course aims to teach not only River Plate Spanish, but also bits of culture and history.

German 101

This course will provide you with a basic knowledge of the German language. It introduces simple grammar and vocabulary that can be utilized in everyday conversations. Lessons will be mainly held through e-mail.

Email me at to receive your first assignments.

Language Construction

Have you ever wanted to create your very own language? If the answer to this is 'yes!' (or some variation of this), then this is the course for you!

In this course we will be looking at how actual languages are constructed and apply this to build our own languages with its own script, grammar, syntax and words!

Excited? Well, you should be! Sign up now!

German for advanced beginners (CEFR A2) 2013

Our goal in this class is reaching the A2 level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

After this class you will be able to:

Understand sentences and frequently used expressions related to areas of most immediate relevance (e.g. very basic personal and family information, shopping, local geography, employment). Communicate in simple and routine tasks requiring a simple and direct exchange of information on familiar and routine matters. Describe in simple terms aspects of your background, immediate environment and matters in areas of immediate need.

Spanish for Advanced Beginners

Course Description:

This course is designed for students with some experience in Spanish who feel they need a comprehensive review of the basic grammatical, linguistic and communicative structures covered in beginner level courses prior to taking an intermediate level course. Students will apply rudimentary skills to advanced language quickly and continue on progressively.

Learning Objectives:

At the end of a semester of study, students will be able to perform as indicated in each of the following areas:

1.  Listening comprehension:

a. Follow a class conducted mostly in Spanish.

b. Demonstrate an understanding of a native speaker who speaks slowly and clearly.

c. Demonstrate an understanding of the main ideas of native audio or video files.

2.  Speaking: 

a. Pronounce well enough to be understood by a native speaker with some difficulty.

b. Express basic ideas and opinions based on concrete life experiences issues.

3.  Reading:

a. Demonstrate an understanding of the main ideas in linguistically non-complex 

4.  Writing: 

a. Write short compositions on specific topics related to everyday situations.

b. Use basic grammatical, linguistic and idiomatic forms with some degree of control 
while developing rudimentary skills in the use of more complex structures.


Through the integration of the different language skills of listening, reading, speaking and writing as well as the introduction of important cultural concepts, students will learn to communicate in the target language in progressively more involved daily life situations.

Evaluation and Grading:

  • Participation (includes weekly use of target language): 20%
  • Homework assignments (weekly): 20%
  • Quizes (comprehensive): 20%
  • Formal evaluations (writing): 20%
  • Final exam (comprehensive): 20%


  • 94-100 A
  • 90-93 A-
  • 87-89 B+
  • 84-86 B
  • 80-83 B-
  • 77-79 C+
  • 74-76 C
  • 70-73 C-
  • 64-69 D
  • 0-63 F


Participation includes level of preparedness, engagement in the learning process, use an quality of the target language, and respect. NOTE: The following forms of teaching will be used:

  • E-mail

Weekly assignment schedules and handing-in assignments

  • Instant Message

Use of (written) language during live conversations

  • Google + (possibly)

Live classroom

  • YouTube Video

Video instruction

  • Recording

Students will be assigned to record their speaking and hand-in via e-mail.

Students will be required to watch all video links (not of my instruction) if applicable

Homework Assignments:

E-mailed assignments, compositions, or other homework assignments are due on assigned dates (listed on syllabus).


Quizzes will be given as listed on the syllabus. Will include aural and oral sections.

***In addition, there will be VOCABULARY QUIZZES held each week on the past week's vocabulary (Sent to your e-mail via GOOGLE DOCS). The quizzes will include, of course, SPAN->ENG & ENG->SPAN as well as short sentences. The sentences will include the vocabulary and grammar we have learned. These sentences will be very short and few.

  • recording device needed (A phone can work!! As long as you can send me the recording via e-mail!!)

***Exam 1 - Use of learned language Semanas 1-5

  • Reading & Writing Comprehension
  • Grammar & Vocabulary
  • Oral & Aural

***Exam 2 - Use of learned language Semanas 6-9

  • Reading & Writing Comprehension
  • Grammar & Vocabulary
  • Oral & Aural

***Final Exam - Use of learned Language Semanas 10-14

  • Reading & Writing Comprehension
  • Grammar & Vocabulary
  • Oral & Aural

Formal Evaluations:

All formal evaluations will be personal compositions. These compositions will be handed-in via e-mail (listed on syllabus)

German for Begginers

If you always wanted to start the German language, this is your chance!!! You'll learn the very basic and if you like it send a message to make an advanced course. There will be a new lesson every sunday.