General Studies
Teaching how to teach on ureddit

Learn how to teach through the University of Reddit (ureddit)

45 Minute Full Body Stretch and Strengthening Routine

This is just something I do every other day or so to keep myself flexible and healthy. My stretch routine consists of three stages (lower body stretch, core strengthening, and upper body stretch) that flow really nicely together. I will be breaking down how to do each move and then creating a video of the whole routine uninterrupted.

how to implement people change at a personal level to an organizational level - Intentional Change Theory

The class would cover a particular model for change called Intentional Change Theory which is rooted in positive psychology. The theory is build by Richard Boyatzis and describes a frame work for creating change at an individual level all the way up to a global level. We'll cover all levels with focus around teams and organizations.

Wetshaving 101 - Learning the Art of Shaving Properly

UofReddit class on wetshaving. Here you'll learn how to take shaving from a boring, annoying chore that leaves your face covered in painful bumps, to a lovely ritual that leaves you Baby's Butt Smooth.

Book Club: The Handmaid’s Tale

Each month we will select a book to read, break down it down into two sections, and have two discussion about it on the UReddit subreddit. At the final week of discussions you all will get to suggest and vote for the next month’s book. The only requirement is that the book must be available in a digital version to make it easily accessible.

Handwriting Repair

Short, hopefully interactive, video class on how to make your handwriting look not rubbish.


Learn how to take great notes.

Differentiate from silly fluff and actual information.

Learn shorthand and tricks to make the note-taking less strenuous.

Essay Format and Content (College ENG 101)

As a senior in a major American university, I find it shocking that educated people (AA, AS, BA, BS, and higher) do NOT have basic research and essay skills. Granted, there is a much looser format in the working world, but it is those that know the basic rules that advance to higher posts! It is here that I intend to help you gain the basic skills that you may have learned in college and forgot or need to do well in your core ENG courses.

Instructional Design (From Start to Finish)

Coming Soon!

USCIS Naturalization Test: Civics (History and Government) Test Prep

The USCIS Naturalization Test: Civics (History and Government) Test Prep course is designed to prepare permanent residents/Green Card holders in the United States for the Civics portion of the federally-mandated test required to become a naturalized citizen of the country.

Course Objectives:

  • Review and understand interview procedures of USCIS

  • Provide better preparation for the Civics portion of the USCIC Naturalization test

  • Encourage independent review the material provided before your test date

  • Compile the listed answers for all 100 of the questions that you may be asked

The DO school. Start your own startup

Taking your great ideas and making them a reality is never easy. The Start-Up Lab helps you stop dreaming and start DOing, introducing you to the crucial steps necessary to get moving. This course is designed for people who have a concrete start-up idea as the course supports the actual implementation of relevant first steps. We help you focus your idea to have broader social relevance. The course provides resources and knowledge from inspiring leaders in the start-up community and offers insight into the learning experiences of other emerging social entrepreneurs. It challenges you with questions that every entrepreneur has to answer in the early phase of starting up and gives you key opportunities to exchange and discuss your ideas with other course participants who are also implementing their social ventures. This course is focused on helping you maximize on the impact you can create with your start-up.

Chinese Culture Through the Ages (new!)

Online Chinese cultural class that focuses on Ming Dynasty in China, while addressing other select aspects of Chinese history, both modern and ancient. Modern China will be discussed. Ethics and beliefs will be a major part of this course, and students will be expected to discuss this within their assignments.

Relative Valuations (new!)

Learn about Relative Valuation tools like Enterprise Value and Equity Valuation.